Welcome to ic4ever.com

[Thu Jan 8 14:25:14 2015]

Once again, this website is alive. Just very very little new ever happens!

[Wed Jan 29 11:08:44 2014]

This post is just to let google (and me) know that this site is still alive. It is undergoing upgrades.

[Sat Nov 30 13:13:11 2013]

Any one else using drupal 7 getting way too much content in your cache_form table? Check out the OptimizeDB module. You can quickly and comfortably get a look at the sizes all of your database tables. Also can optimize them.

I am too busy to get the blogs back right now. You know how things go. I look forward to getting them back up though. Python is the language of the day and the project is, wait for it .. a script to backup up databases and web site directories. Automatically using cron and maybe logrotate.

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